What is Xpella?

Xpella is a ground breaking advancement in active post-operative wound drainage. It’s a reservoir that maintains a proven constant negative pressure in the post surgical wound, from start to finish.

Xpella creates the optimal healing environment by drawing out exudate and making sure the wound edges remain approximated, preventing dead space from forming.

What does it do?

The device has a 300ml reservoir that creates a constant, predictable vacuum which is achieved by its patented technology.

When you use a traditional wound drainage reservoir, the vacuum drops as the as the reservoir fills, and the wound can fill with fluid. With Xpella, the wound bed remains reliably under vacuum – even while you empty it.

Xpella maintains a steady 80mmHg vacuum. What vacuum does your current reservoir provide?

Why was Xpella invented?

Innovation in active wound drainage has not progressed in a decade and a half. In response to growing dissatisfaction with traditional apparatus, a team of doctors, nursing practitioners and engineers developed an intelligent new design specifically to address the clear need for:

  • Constant negative pressure
  • Universal connectivity to drains
  • Infection control
  • Ease of use
  • No reliance on any kind of power source.

Who will benefit from Xpella?

Xpella is designed for use after any surgery where active drainage of fluid is needed. Patients, nurses and doctors experience the many advantages of Xpella across multiple surgical disciplines and procedures, including:

Breast reconstruction
Abdominal surgery
Colorectal surgery
Neck dissections
Lymph dissections
Radical Prostatectomy
Hip replacements
Knee replacements
Spinal surgery
Neck fusion

Why change to Xpella?

Discover 10 reasons to upgrade to Xpella. From advanced wound healing to superior infection control to remarkable ease of use: The question is, why not?

Flow indicator

Indicates the direction of the flow of drainage fluid.


This prevents any excess fluid which may be left behind in the emptying port, from escaping


The plunger inside the reservoir pulls the drainage fluid into the system like a syringe pulls fluid into itself

Torsion Spring

The handle of the Xpella houses a specifically designed spring which allows a constant vacuum to be achieved from activation until the reservoir is full

Clever Connectors

Xpella comes with it’s uniquely patented clever connectors which are compatible with any size silicone drain ranging from 10 to 24 French

Non-Return Valve

Prevents accidental backflow of wound exudate back to the patient.


The Y-Connector allows you to connect one or two drains simultaneously to your Xpella.

Bed Hook

How to use Xpella?

See how easy it is to activate and empty Xpella.

Xpella Clever Connectors

Xpella gives you universal compatibility with existing silicone drains. No more accidental disconnection due to our lockable connectors.

Xpella Surgical Drains

View our range of fluted and perforated silicone drains, sold separately.