Why change to Xpella?

Intelligently designed to accelerate closed wound healing.

Here are 10 Reasons to Change from Outmoded, Ineffective Wound Drainage Reservoirs to Xpella

1. Xpella creates a superior healing environment.

Because Xpella delivers constant fluid extraction at a vacuum of 80mmHg from start to finish, it:

  • Keeps wound edges approximated to encourage quicker healing
  • Stops dead space from forming
  • Reduces the risk of post–operative hematoma or seroma formation, decreasing the patient’s risk of returning to theatre

2. Xpella provides the assurance of optimal infection control.

With Xpella, there is no accidental backflow, and no loss of vacuum when you empty it – the wound bed remains reliably under the same vacuum level.

The non-return valve and closed-system flow indicator limits the patient’s exposure to external organisms and stops any exudate flowing back into the patient.

3. Xpella is a simple system for any user

To empty and reactivate – even patients at home, once they’re discharged from hospital.

4. Xpella is reusable on the same patient

For up to 10 days; just empty and reactivate it when full. Unlike pre-vacuumed bottles, which need to be replaced once full or if the vacuum is lost, Xpella will continue to provide a constant and reliable negative pressure inside the wound bed.

5. Xpella is portable and energy saving.

Xpella doesn’t rely on external power sources or wall suction; the spring mechanism does all the work. No batteries. No AC power needed.

6. Xpella Clever Connectors have universal compatibility with all sizes of silicone drains ranging from 10 to 24Fr

(compatible with fluted, round punched or flat). Xpella also gives you the option to connect one or two drains simultaneously, using its Y-connector.

7. Xpella is safe from accidental disconnection

Because of its Clever Connectors. It is lockable, so spillage also isn’t a concern. No other drain on the market offers this much versatility or peace of mind when it comes to secure drain attachment.

8. Xpella respects the patient’s comfort

As there is no loss of vacuum when emptying, there is no reactivation pain for the patient.

9. Xpella is cost effective.

With a predictably constant level of negative pressure, the risk of returning to theatre is decreased.

10. No need to clamp the drain when emptying.

What is Xpella?

Learn more about Xpella, the next leap forward in constant negative pressure closed wound drainage, and why it was developed.

How to use Xpella?

See how easy it is to activate and empty Xpella.

Xpella Clever Connectors

Xpella gives you universal compatibility with existing silicone drains. No more accidental disconnection due to our lockable connectors.

Xpella Surgical Drains

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