Xpella Drains

Xpella is universally compatible with all silicone drains – punched, fluted, or flat – ranging in sizes from 10Fr to 24Fr.

Discover the Xpella range of silicone drains for closed wound drainage, compatible with different types of closed wound drainage systems, including bulb and pancake reservoirs – as well as with the Xpella.

Round fluted hubless silicone drains
Length: 120 cm
Double Bendable Trocar (excluding 24Fr)
Width Fr/mm 10Fr/3mm 15Fr/5mm 19Fr/6mm 24Fr/8mm
  • Four internal channels to minimize tissue ingrowth
  • Less pain on removal, due to hubless single extrusion

  • Radio-opaque line
Drains and Trocar

What is Xpella?

Learn more about Xpella, the next leap forward in constant negative pressure closed wound drainage, and why it was developed.

Why change to Xpella?

Discover 10 reasons to upgrade to Xpella. From advanced wound healing to superior infection control to remarkable ease of use: The question is, why not?

How to use Xpella?

See how easy it is to activate and empty your Xpella.

Xpella Clever Connectors

Xpella gives you universal compatibility with existing silicone drains. No more accidental disconnection due to our lockable connectors.